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At nineteen, I started a journal.
So much was happening in my life.
Night after night, day after day, I wrote.
I didn't talk with anyone about the most private stuff,
yet I also didn't destroy what I wrote.

Years later, I made my sister promise, that if I died,
she would destroy my journals without reading anything.
She promised.

For the next dozen years, I kept trying,
about once a year, to keep a journal.

Then once again, so much happening in my life,
I could not stop myself from writing and writing,
first neatly, then messily;
first in full sentences, later in fragments;
first covering everything that I had intended to write,
then just writing what was most powerful at that moment -
who was this for, anyway?

The second time around, I wrote for years.
The second time around, from the time I started,
I didn't want it all kept to myself.
I felt, there is something here.
Just as I was often touched by the writings of others,
so I felt that these writings could touch others,
mean something to others.

I stopped writing that journal,
but didn't forget it
or my desire to have portions reach the world.

I didn't stop writing.
My word pieces took over -
capturing moments in words,
rather than working them through in a journal.


A year ago I moved to a different kind of journal writing
- now a blog.

Blog - it's not a sound I like.
I like the sound of the word, journal.
But blog. It sounds a blah, boring -
and like bla-bla, yakkety-yak.
But the word blog had come into existence,
and it made sense to me to use
the vocabulary of the world around me.

So, the second journal - or blog. A creativity blog.
I wanted to write about the site I was developing
as it was being made.
I wanted to write about things to do with creativity
and the creative process - and stuff along those lines.


I haven't had time to give a hand to my earier self,
who wanted some of her journals to get into the world,
and who at one point spent months trying
to get the start of an autobriographical book written.
She rewrote and revised over and over,
with no helping hand to get her past her indecision.

Now I am stuck with the lack of enough time.

But, just as I am making a commitment
to my father's words, my father's world's,
I am making a commitment to my many earlier selves
who have left a trail of creative works,
so many that burned bright inside me,
but that I
could not manage to find a place for in the world.

One after the other, I want to give them time and attention.

Alexandria's Wonderful Presents - a children's book.
Johnny Papadopoulis is Dead - a murder mystery.
my journals - maybe the most powerful of all.

So much passion and intensity, so much person struggle.

I am not that younger self - but I know she longed for someone like me, desperately wanted someone like the person I have become,
someone who could help her do what she knew should be done,
but she could not do - just as my father longed for such a person.

And at the same time, my present self is still creating new works -
not nearly as much as if I were not also the caretaker of my past selves.
Lots of creativity is going into bringing things into the world -
images, design, completion.
Lots of effort is also going in other directions - into life.

I hope I get my work done -
creative work, creations of my present self;
plus helping hand work for
the creative outpourings of my previous selves and my father -
while at the same time I am helping bring into the world
a site for all people (in English, anyway)
can upload their creative work and to find creative matches.


I sit here, in my study, on a hazy August day,
ever surer that I have to concentrate on this.
I have been away for over half a year -
work on another site, other projects, plus teaching.
Now I need to get back to this.

Elsas Blogs. Elsas Inner Self Blog. Elsas Creativity Blog.
The Creativity Emporium. My Creative Match.

My Fathers Words, My Fathers Worlds.
Elsas Word Story Image Idea Music Emporium.
The Idea Emporium.
In My Own, My Chosen Home.
Elsas Word Pieces -
spoken work, songs, rhythm rap beat, moods, emotions.
Caro's Quest.

And always more and more.

I started just writing a bit about the blogs,
but this has become a Creativity Blog.

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August 7, 2007
© copyright, Elsa Schieder, 2007, all rights reserved


Elsas Blogs.
The Creativity Blog.
On her creative side,
and on the making of the Creativity Emporium.
The Inner Self Blog.
On self, dreams, inner explorations.
Elsas Blogs for 2 sides of Elsa.


Elsas word story image idea music emporium,
an all-round creativity space


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Gertrude Stein said, almost a century ago,
a rose is a rose is a rose.

Likewise, one could hold that
Elsas Blogs are
Elsa's Inner Self Journals are
Elsa's Deep Delving Diaries

Or I could say that
Elsas Blogs are
Elsa's Blogs
that apostrophes don't matter,
not in a world with RSS feeds
that have no tolerance for them.

Or I could say that
a rose isn't a rose by any other name.

So Elsas Blogs
are not the same as Inner Journeys
are not the same as Elsa's Dream Book
are not the same as Elsa's Inner Adventures
are not the same as Elsa's Unexpected Adventures
through Inner Snarls and Tangles,
Inner Marvels and Miracles.

One way or the other
Elsas Blogs are.

What's in a name?

I can't say.

I know though
that not choosing a name
not moving
gets one into an inner bog,
amn inner quagmmire, swamp, tar pit.

Elsas Blogs
is no ideal choice -
don't like the sound of blog or blogs or blogging -
sounds like getting sopping wet -
but it's a route to giving voice,
better than being swallowed by the quicksand
of what name to take.

So Elsas Blogs it is.

Don't judge a book by its cover, they say.
Come judge for yourself.



August 7, 2007

© copyright, Elsa Schieder, 2007, all rights reserved

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