If You Want: Better Search Engine Ranks, Improve Search Engine Ranks, Higher Search Engine Ranks, Increased Search Engine Traffic, Higher Ranking In Search Engine.

Better Search Engine Ranks. Improve Search Engine Ranks.
That's what I wanted. I didn't have a clue how to get this. I learned.

If You Want: Better Search Engine Ranks, Improve Search Engine Ranks, Higher
Search Engine Ranks, Increased Search Engine Traffic, Higher Ranking In Search Engine.

I learned the answer to the biggest question: WHO CAN HELP?   This is my story.


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Elsa's Adventures in Internet Land -      

Elsa wants higher search engine traffic
Elsa finally finds increased
search engine traffic.

Elsa wants better search engine ranks
But for a long time
she wonders:
will she ever find better
search engine ranks?

Elsa tries to improve search engine ranks
She wonders and wonders:
how can she get higher search engine ranks?

Elsa styrves for higher search engine ranks
Alice in Wonderland
managed to grow -
will she also be able
to reach a higher ranking
in search engine searches,
higher search engine placement, maybe even
top web site ranking?


The internet - and SiteSell, my route into getting my sites visible on the web - have, in some deep way, saved me.

If you have drive, desire and the willingness to work and learn, I can show you the way to online success.

Here is the spiffy jiffy quick answer, in just one word: SiteSell. Way better than abracadabra. SiteSell. Not magic - but SiteSell has the know-how, formula and tools that work like magic to open the doors to traffic and internet success.

I can't remember how often, before SiteSell, I tried to get my writings - creative stuff and idea stuff - out into the world. For the most part, I couldn't. Somehow I needed my own skipping rope - my own site. But having a site is, for so many people, not much better than storing stuff in some forgotten closet.

That hasn't happened, thanks to SiteSell.

Here's my journey.


All my life, creativity has been vital to me. I decided, at 8, I would be an actor, and at 12, I would also be a painter and writer. I wrote my first film script at 12. 

I've also loved good thinking from ever since I can remember. Some things - like prejudice against some race or another, against women, against gays and lesbians - just didn't make sense to me. Bad thinking.

From the first, the hard part was getting things out into the world. I remember a play - a small Christmas play - I wrote at 12. It took me 2 years to get it performed – just once. That was in the basement of friends of my parents. There were hundreds of rehearsals, three years in a row. I roped in my sister and several kids from the street. My mother sewed the costumes. 

One tiny performance. So much effort.

That was, for ever so long, the way things went. Creativity, some of it flowing freely, some of it getting stuck. But the biggest stuck point, over and over, was between creation and getting out into the world. It didn't matter what it was - ideas, poems, whatever. It was so hard to reach others.

The difference now? Two things. 

One, the web, which gives everyone a chance to put their things into the world. 

Two, SiteSell, which has given me the tools to reach people.

Millions of sites are on the web. Most of them might as well be hidden in the attic of a deserted nineteenth century mansion, cobwebs everywhere. No one visits, except maybe a few friends - and whoever created the site. Whoever made it may be updating, polishing, perfecting, remodeling. But still, hardly anyone comes.

Sitesell to the rescue. If any of you is interested

in creating a web site that gets traffic,
in tools that make this easy,
and in doing this at less than $1 per day.

I can not recommend SiteSell strongly enough. It's been my knight in shining armor. Or, rather, it's given me the tools so I could rescue myself - this is a modern story. SiteSell doesn't do it for you, but it provides amazing tools so you can do it.

I'm going to go on to my story, how I got to know about SiteSell, and how my traffic is going up and up. But first, in case you're impatient, here's a link to SiteSell and they'll tell you lots more:

better search engine ranks

And now, how did I come across SiteSell? I ran into a bit of luck maybe 8 years ago.    CLICK TO CONTINUE

SITESELL - BETTER SEARCH ENGINE RANKS. Here, a great introduction.



AND HERE more of of my search for better search engine ranks.


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Elsa's Adventures in Internet Land


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