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diary blogs

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True Love Poems

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I love you poems
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Buried Love, or ...
How to Love Yourself
How to Love Yourself

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romantic love poetry
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Elsa's Creativity Emporium - Site Map

The Creativity Emporium - a place where many side of my creativity are finally finding a home, from the most recent side of the creative flow, the words and music side, which made its appearance a bit over a dozen years ago - but harked back to the few songs I wrote in my teens. It wasn't a big part of my creativity back then. It became central for years.

Then there is The Idea Emporium - which must go back to when I was about eight, starting to enjoy Big Thinking, thinking about ideas. That side has never left, though it's a side I long didn't value, though even as a child there were questions I couldn't find answers for, and wanted to.

Caro's Quest. I always loved stories and reading - but no stories flowed out the way this one did.

The Sexe-Tetes - frivolous fun, with an added do-gooder ingredient.

Dr Zees LoveLine - a more serious exploration of love and the inner self.

Zees Cafe Cafe - in the making for over a decade now, time for completion.

Home Is ... - a central theme in my father's life, and in mine - though he rather gave up on the possibility of feeling truly at home, and I haven't given up.

The Creativity Blog - mainly explorations of the creative process, like the process of creating this Creativity Emporium.

And finally, My Father's Words, My Father's Worlds. So much started with him - and probably reached back to far before him. He wrote. I am finally making a home for his words.

And after that, a home for the works of many creative people - a home I have longed for for my own works, until (in desperation) I am making it here, like others have made log cabins for shelter. I know parts are far less sophisticated that those with a bigger web background. Other parts are incomplete. It's been a one-person project. It's growing. I look at it, and see all there is to do, and also feel a sense of achievement.

I see the site map, an overview.

I remember doing the opening images - in 2006 - the last summer that Francoise, my partner's mother, was well. For a few weeks, it was a return to childhood. She made the meals, I worked on the images.

It is snowing here now, almost Christmas. Another year is almost over. The solstice comes in a few days.

All the best to this project, and to all of us on creative and life-affirming quests.



December 17, 2008
copyright © Elsa Schieder, 2008, 2011 - all rights reserved



Site Map for Elsas Creativity Emporium: Words and Music,
The Idea Emporium, Caro's Quest, Home Is, The Sexe-Tetes,
Dr Zees LoveLine, Zees Cafe Cafe, Creativity Blog, and more.





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