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Caro had never seen
Geela's dog ...

childrens story with ghost dog

But within a couple of days, word had gotten around about the woman with the dog who wasn't there, because Geela took her invisible dog with her everywhere.
        "Here, Fluff. Good Fluff. Stay, just for a minute."
        Then, if a car came along, it was "Stay!" in a much sharper tone.
        And then, "Good girl. Good Fluffers."

People began to wink at each other when she came along.
        But not everybody. Bert Cummings, at the general store, was not about to tell just anybody, but he could almost swear he had seen a black dog, somewhere between smallish and midsize, beside her. Kind of hazy, shadowy, with weird eyes.
        He told this to Fran Perkins, who was known to be strange. She wore gauzy dresses and long scarves. Her sand-colored hair hung, wildly curly, around her shoulders. Outside her door was a sign with a lilac hand. Curvy purple letters spelled out "palms read". Golden stars twinkled just past the end of each finger.
        Now, leaning forward on the counter of the general store, she nodded at Bert. She had seen the dog too, she let him know. "One brown eye, and one half-blue eye. And a tail held high, almost as big as the dog. Fluffy tail."
        Bert did not feel comfortable being cozy like this with Fran, because he liked to think of himself as very levelheaded and no-nonsense. But he was relieved as well. So he was not the only one who had seen what he was sure could not be there

One other person had seen the dog - Doug Janoschevic, and he knew better than to talk about it. Biking down main street with Ron Hawkins, he had seen a smallish black dog with a white splash on its chest and a huge bushy tail, looking right at him, smiling a dog smile, tongue out on one side, eyes keen. The splash looked like a bird flying off. The dog wasn't looking just at him, but at everyone. Doug looked back, slowed down fast.
        Ron almost plowed into him, "Hey, dorkface, watch where you're going." Then, "What is it?"
        The dog was sitting, ears upraised, eyes eager, beside a woman wearing jeans.
        Ron took a look, saw a woman looking in a shop window. "Hey, nutcase, are you looking at that? She's old enough to be your mother."

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Question: Are Ghosts Real?
Question: Who Am I?
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CARO'S QUEST, a childrens story, kids story.
Strange Fran Perkins wore gauzy dresses and long scarves.
She said she had seen the ghost dog.
Stories for Kids, Childrens Audio Books.

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Caro's Quest

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or... Caro Carolina, Geela Gribbs,
and Fluffers, the invisible dog
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CARO'S QUEST, a childrens story, kids story.
Strange Fran Perkins wore gauzy dresses and long scarves.
She said she had seen the ghost dog.
Stories for Kids, Childrens Audio Books.


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Meg, Jon and Myra Face a Cold and Rainy Day

It felt like forever to Meg, forever and ever and ever. But finally the voice stopped.
She could click on CONTINUE, turn the page. If it was okay with the others.

Meg, Myra and Jon were crowded on the piano bench in front of the computer.
They had dragged over the bench, because that way they could all reach the keyboard.

Should they search some more, start typing again? Childrens story, kids story - and for Jon, children audio books.
Actually, Myra liked to read what she called literature - children literature, childrens literature - or the way Myra liked to write it,
children's literature. Myra loved apostrophes. They confused Meg. And Jon didn't care.

There was a tiny pause. They kind of looked at each other. Should they browse some more? Childrens story. Kids story.
Stories for kids. Children audio books. Children literature. Juvenile fiction.

Meg wanted to know what would happen. "In just one week Caro would find herself, in the middle of the night,
out on a deserted stretch of road, needing to climb into the ditch, but afraid to." The words rang through Meg's head.
She felt a little shiver run down her back.



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