Emotions Poems. Deep sad poems. Anger poems. Loneliness poems. But not all emotions are considered equal. Rap culture: anger is good. Meditation: no.
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Spoken word poetry, emotions poems.Emotion?ords. Anger good, anger bad? Attitudes to emotions.
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Walking with John Lennon
This Person I Call Me
Gray Morning
Not On Empty, Not On Full
8 O'Clock
The Time for Waiting
     is Completed
The World Is My Kingdom
Call to the Living

I Hold You
Words Cannot Contain

Sadness in Your Eyes
Brought to Grief by Love
The Night Before
    the Forever Dark
Fluffers Loves
    and the Word Loves Her Back
I Cry with Desperation

Escape Velocity

Tidal Wave with a Typhoon
     on the Side
Life Isn't Upside Only

Up Against the Wall
You Think That You Know
Chains in the Mind

Scarlett Runs ... Out of Luck

Can't Cross the Gap
Who is My Match?
Shopping for Dreams
Who Will Help Me
     With My Spark?
Help - Who Will Help?
Please Help Me Make
     My Dreams Come True

Making My Dreams Come True

The Bluest Bluest Blues
Are My Emotions Asleep?
Can't Stop Time
Forever Alone
My Own Lucky Penny
Seven Days of Happiness
My Dreams and I
Who Will Help Me?
Help - Who Will Help?
Do You Have What I Need?
Walking on Eggshells
The Highest Walls
I Am Not A Lamb
So Did You?
Death of Desire?
Loss of Desire
Locked in a LIttle
     Tiny Squishy Box
Like a Dinosaur
     in a Chicken Coop
I Try
You Are Not To Be Trusted,
     You Are Not

I Have A Secret
I Know Your Secret
On My Own Two Feet


All Emotions are Not Equal -
from the rap world to meditation



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Elsa, spoken word artist


Deep sad poems. Anger poems. Loneliness poems. Joy.
But not all emotions
are considered equal.

Love. No problem.
Loneliness. Little criticism.
But what about

Elsa, emotions withinLove is fine. Some even say,
love is the answer. Anyway,
in most of the West, you aren't
considered suspect if you write
love poems. Some may consider
you irrelevant - love in a world
of so much pain and sorrow,
so much injustice. But in
general, you aren't going
to be given a hard time.

And then ...
Elsa feels anger
Some say: anger is bad.

Elsa is coolSome say: anger is cool.

Elsa thinks about anger
Elsa knows:
she feels anger.

Elsa is cool about anger.
Elsa knows:
anger gives a feeling
of safety - even when
one is frustrated
by the walls
around others.

And she knows
her emotions poems
come from many
different feelings.

Elsa thinks more about anger
So Elsa does
some more thinking.

Elsa says goodbye to anger
Elsa goes on ...

Love image

Words ... and feelings.
And emotions poems.


Elsa with emotions within

  STATES of MIND             

Some states of mind are considered acceptable in most parts of our society.

Love, for instance. Search for love poems on Google and you aren't likely to come across admonitions that love is dangerous and watch out. Instead you will get Great Love Poems, Romantic Love Poems, World's Best Love Poems.

But check for anger poems, and suddenly one comes to two very different worlds.

World One: anger is bad, anger is negative, anger is dangerous, let go of anger. That comes from both the Eastern tradition (meditation and so on) and much of the current Western world (therapy, Oprah nd so on).

World Two: anger is cool, anger is one's right, anger is hip - but let's not call it hip. Anger is just the way of life. One has been wronged and has every right to rage. If anyone should question that, just dump loads of anger on them.


I don't feel just loving emotions. So my pieces aren't just about nice sweet emotions. I try to put the feelings into words.


I came up against the Two Solitudes about anger when I looked up anger poems on the web. No good anger poems, not on the first page anyway. ("Anger is drikking" - drikking? - went one. Another: "Anger is when I am mad at somebody.")

Back to looking for anger poems. No "100 best anger poems." Just lots of warnings about how bad anger is. Poems by gurus on the evils of anger.

Then I googled rap and rap poems and hip hop. Quite another story. Not just unvarnished expressions of anger but a validation of the right to anger. An armor of anger.

First, I was taken aback. Then I realized I already knew about the Two Solitudes, just had never connected the dots.

My anger poems. In my mind, I had called them rap poems, rap words. I don't care for the posturing, the grinding bad attitude of much of rap. But I knew that anger is acceptable in the rap world. In fact, rap and anger are fused in my mind.

I also knew abut anger's negative press - and I certainly know how dangerous anger and hatred can be. Slaughter in Darfur and Rwanda. The Holocaust. Millions murdered.

Anger, hatred, self-righteousness - incredibly dangerous.


And yet I've also heard that anger means I WANT.

Plus there is just the feeling of anger. It's there, like love, greed, joy, contentment, fear.

So for judgments on anger, you'll have to go elsewhere. In the word pieces, I've just expressed.

I don't want to glorify anger. But I've grown up in a family with a lot of anger - and so much shame about it. We felt anger, were not supposed to feel it. Shame.

I agree: it's important to learn to express anger in a constructive way. I don't want glory in gory anger. But I've taken, as with love, the space to express.


More on states of mind. How do I categorize them?

Some of the feelings fit into recognizable categories - love, anger. But even anger - it isn't "one size fits all". Mine is most often a frustration anger, frustration at not being able to get through to people.

Much tougher to name are other states of mind. Is there a word for feeling unhelped? The closest I could think of was loneliness. But what about the feeling of longing for help, and what about the feeling of despairing I will find help?

And then, is there a word for exhausted recharging?

So many emotions, often not named.

Often I've found it easy to find words to express a feeling, but have found myself stymied when I've tried to find a word to name it.

And even if I do come to a word - lonely, angry, loving - often the word is empty for me. For me, my poems, my word pieces, try to get the moment, capture the feeling.


So, lots of different states of mind.

So many moments full of different feelings, ever changing, shifting.

June 10, 2008
 © copyright - Elsa Schieder - 2008, 2011, all rights reserved


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I Hold You,
a deep sad poem, a poem of love and loss


For different emotion words, emotion lyrics, click here for
Escape Velocity, which feels to me like rap poetry -
I seethe, I boil, like an A-bomb I go wild,
can't keep the force inside

Finally, for more of this stuff,
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emoting into emotions poems

anger brew anger stew
anger fumes perfuming the air
anger particles everywhere

anger heavy anger light

a delight to clear the air

sprays of contentment everywhere

urgency as well
urgent as hell
urgent pell mell
urgently I need
urgently please heed
my urgent despair

elation, euphoria, ecstasy intense
I have done it
I will get there
I can do it
It will happen

I am brought to grief by love
I am brought to grief by loss
I grieve, I despair

I cry with the desperation of a child

I ache, I long,
I long to belong

longing strong, longing blue
longing - a ache
longing - older than the hills
longing - longing to be stilled

despair - maybe I will never get there
despair - maybe it's all too much

joy - the sun shines
my heart sings
my world is filled


longing, such a longing

I wish
with all my might
I could do it
set things right
and reach, reach
with all my might
reach with these words

anger poems, anger poetry, poems of despair
songs of sadness, songs of grief,
deep sad poems, poems of sadness
no relief, no release
except to feel, except to know

poems of loneliness
can give way
to songs of joy
can give way
and do
to ebb and flow

deep sad poems
songs of joy
poems of anger
love from the heart

emotions poems
emotions poems
emotions songs

oceans of emotions, sea of emotion
emotion lyrics
emotion songs

emotions belong
flowing though my living, my life
make it alive

emotions poems lyrics songs

sadness anger joy
grief rage loneliness
contentment frustration despair

emotions poems
and the emotion sea of life

June 6 , 2008
© copyright Elsa Schieder, 2008, 2011, all rights reserved


artist spoken word, alternative music artist - Elsa

Emotions Poems.
Loneliness Poems:
Where is my match, so the fire can catch.
Deep Sad Poems:
In the silent space of my heart I hold you.
Anger Poems:
You think that you know but you don't know.
Elsa, Emotions Poems.

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A dozen years ago,
I began to wake up
with word pieces -
words music, spoken word, songs -
in my head.
Escape velocity.
Echo of the echo.
Tank almost empty.
Can't cross the gap.
Welcome into my world.




Every time I'm going
into emotions
emotions poems
emotion songs
emotions poems
emotions lyrics
moments of emotion

poems loneliness
songs about loneliness
loneliness poems
loneliness lyrics
sock of being lonely
lonely lyrics
I get so lonely

and then

music emotions
sea of emotions
lost in emotion
emotions lyrics
emotion lyrics
emotion words

and then

song cry
deep sad poems
poems of sadness
poems of long
sadness songs

anger poems
anger poetry

joy elation happiness
contentment regret ache

peace tenderness gentleness
states of mind
coming going

emotions poems
emotions songs
sea of emotions
oceans of emotion

moments of living
moments of being

emotions of living

June 6, 2008
 © copyright - Elsa Schieder - 2008, 2011, all rights reserved



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