Making Dreams Come True. I make my creative dreams, dreams of reaching people, come true by website building. Struggle. Now I make a dream come true.

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Welcome into my World
Making Dreams Come True

Elsa's Blogs - Aug 05-Sept 09

It's all here,
all the plans for the dreams
I wanted to come true.
And it's here,
the persistence,
the discouragement,
the keeping going,
the search.
Making my dreams come true -
lots of concrete goals,
lots of steps to take to
make dreams come true.


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So here I am,
looking out, wondering.
elsa - word, story, image idea music person
How to do this?

A big question - how to do this?elsa - word, story, image idea music person
I know it can be done, but

I can do this,elsa - word, story, image idea music person
but it takes a lot of doing.

It's easiest in the morning. elsa - word, story, image idea music person
Everything seems possible then.


What do you see when
you see me, I wonder.elsa - word, story, image idea music person
I keep trying. I'm not sure
what will happen. But over
and over again, I keep
trying - because something
in me doesn't give up, not
forever anyway.


Elsa's Blogs
Aug 05-July 09



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elsa - word, story, image idea music person

It's 2009 now, three years later,
a millions steps taken
to make my dreams come true,
so much passion,
so much knowledge needed,
so much learning.
Making dreams come true -
I started with more
than dreams.
I had written so much.
But no one knew about it.
That was the dream, the goal:
to get my stuff to people.
Making dreams come true -
a tall order.

elsa - word, story, image idea music person

Would I be able to
make my dreams come true?
Making your dreams come true
- easier to dream about this,
than do it.
But while I wasn't sure,
I knew I would give it my all,
making my dreams come true.

Making dreams come true -
not something optional.

elsa - word, story, image idea music person

Making dreams come true.
Making dreams come true.
Making dreams come true.
It stays on my mind.
Making my dreams come true.

I've heard that
a dream is a goal
without a deadline.

In my case, I've moved
as fast as I could toward
making dreams come true.

elsa - word, story, image idea music person

Make dreams come true.
Yes. That's what I want.
They're not brand new dreams.
I've had them for a long time.
Like most creative people,
my dream is an audience.
Making my dreams come true -
persistence and hard work.

I have never been as close
as now to my dreams.

I can just about say,
I make my dreams come true.

elsa - word, story, image idea music person

Making dreams come true.
Making your dreams
come true.
Making my dreams
come true.

One big thing:
I didn't give up.
Something inside me burned:
I will make
my dream come true.

Making dreams come true -
burning urgency -
and sometimes
the fire goes out.

But the more I do,
the more it burns -
the ardent desire
to make dreams come true.


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Making dreams come true? I'm not there yet.
But I am finally starting to make my dreams come true.
My dreams - reaching people with my ideas and creative stuff. Not easy. But in a world with web site building, I feel I finally have a real chance.
Of course, web site building isn't enough to make dreams come true.
For that, I also need ever better search engine ranks.
But I'm sure I'm finally, finally, finally on my way.

JUNE 4, 2006

Welcome to Elsas Creativity Blog
on the making of
Elsa's Creativity Emporium -
and on the big hope,
the hope of making dreams come true

This place, Elsas Word Story Image Idea Music Emporium, a home on the web for my works, has been a long time in the coming, in the making. Making dreams come true - first one needs some kind of inkling how it could be done.

So this story doesn't start as a success story. But it is the story of someone who doesn't give up. And of someone, to some extent lucky. Without the web, where everyone can put their site, I don't know if I would ever have found a way. Even with it, it's taken a long time. Years.

Dream come true? Not yet.


The past.

It's been years and years since I got the idea for Zee's Cafe Cafe, a virtual cafe for me/Zee and lots of other alternative artists. Idea: 1999. Several attempts to get funding, starting right back then.

It's been a couple of years - Dec 2003 - since the Fluffers Book (Caro Carolina, Geela Gribbs, and Fluffers the Invisible Dog) was sent out to publishers.

My word pieces - words meant to go with music - I've been writing them for over a dozen years, since 1994.

It's been a decade and a half since The Manfear Factor was completed, and later left on the shelf because I couldn't find takers and didn't have the energy to keep on trying.

The Chosen Home project - that's also been in the making for over five years.

The Creativity Emporium, a place for loads of creative people to upload creative works.
My Creative Match, a place for creative people to find a find to complete projects by connecting with others. Again it's been years.

Making dreams come true. I've felt caught in a room without a door, without a window, without a crack anywhere - but with the knowledge that there is a way out.


June 2006

And now here it all is, so many projects, for myself and for others,
so many hopes and dreams, so many stories, images, ideas, thoughts,
inspirations, so many moments where something has burned inside me,
burned with the desire to come out into the world.




At first, I planned to have different sites for each of the projects - and then something inside me went - No. I couldn't imagine managing a dozen sites. A nightmare. Making dreams come true - that's one thing. But I wanted a home space for them - one home space. So here it is, Elsa's Word Music Image Idea Music Emporium.

So many parts are planned ...

Caro's Quest, where Caro has to figure out what is real and what isn't. One thing she knows is real is that her two so-called best friends won't talk to her, and that she can't see Fluffers, the invisible dog. But could the dog still be real? She doesn't know. She does know that Fluffers found Jake, left unconscious in a ditch.

Zee's Cafe Cafe, a virtual cafe for spoken word and music, for images and ideas, for Zee and her moments and so many others.

And then there's Elsa's creativity blog. The blog is just about the last thing started, though I kept a journal for years. If you want to know about the making of the project, of the virtual cafe, and all the rest. If you want to know of the ongoing trials and pleasures, welcome.

In My Own, My Chosen Home - words that came to me not long after my partner and I bought our country place. Looking out the windows I felt so at home. And over time the project evolved - as I have realized just how important "home" is to me, and how in many ways its has been hard for me - and my parents before me - to find a place that truly feels like home. It was also a long time before I found work that felt like home to me - something that it felt right to be doing.

And as for a home space for my creative works, that has taken, is taking, even longer. I am just building that place, in fact, with this site - and as with so much in my life, it is to be both for me and for others - for other people with creative projects that need a home, and for people who feel at home looking through these projects, who gain from exploring them.

Who will feel at home here? And what does home mean? Come look at In my Own, My Chosen Home.

The Sexe-Tetes, on the other hand, feel at home just about anywhere. They like flash, razzmatazz and other similar jazz. They like jazzy and snazzy, dance and chance and romance. They also like ideas - just like Zee and me. But more than that, they like to savor all life has to offer, Sweet Young Things They're Not. They're sweet and sour, not always nice and all that spice. Still, they care ... about many things - taking care of homeless children and homeless animals, as well as taking care of having fun, indulging in White Chocolate and Hot Fudge Sauce. They care and care and care. Life is too short, they say, not to care. What's worth living for, if one does not care. So they care, including about each other. What's a friend for, they say. And they care about Zee's Cafe Cafe, where they appear every now and then, especially on Friday night - Friday night on the town, some like it hot, some like it cold, they like it bright and bold, with flash and flair and style. Fry Day, they sometimes call their favorite day, sizzling hot, scintizzlingly hot.

The Sexe-Tetes are one side of Not-Me.

There is another Not-Me, who wonders if it wouldn't be safer to hide, who listens when others tell her to be careful about what she says and to whom, who wonders if she shouldn't keep some of her ideas to herself, to fears the anger of others - especially the anger of the oppressed, those who have been hurt by prejudice and injustice.

This Not-Me is actually in many ways closer to me than the Sexe-Tetes. I have had to fight my way to being able to speak of things like counter-hostility, the rage of the "righteous." The "righteous": those injured and raging outward, often against anyone they see as Not-Like-Them, Not-Part-of-Their-Group, Not-Agreeing-With-Them. I taught for years on valuing diversity, tiptoeing my way to talking about counter-hostility, touching on it lightly, bringing it up but with a lot of hesitation - at first mainly fearing to hurt feelings, and then later fearing even more the anger, rage, wrath that I feared the topic arouse.

Anyway, this Not-Me wonders if it wouldn't be better to listen to those who warn her - often in a whisper - that some things had better not be said, that it would make some people mad. Some people, she hears over and over, feel they have the right to make others shut up because they are sure they are right, right, right. Be careful about such people, she hears over and over - be careful, careful, careful.

Be careful - that is so different from being caring - so unlike the Sexe-Tetes who care freely and easily. The Sexe-Tetes are unafraid, so unlike the one I wish were totally Not-Me. But they are so unafraid, in fact, that they find it recognize Not-Me at all, to recognize that what it like to fear and that she does have reason to fear.

Elsa. All of me. Creativity. Fear. And Ideas upon Ideas. Ideas, I am deeply certain, need to be as creative, as rooted in creative thinking (as well as in in-depth research and fact), as any other form of creativity. Ideas - drawing on thought, experience, information, facts.

So, another part will be The Idea Emporium.


And here I go off into an aside about ideas.

An idea, I have heard (and it rang very true), is much more important to most people than a fact. People may believe the utmost nonsense - stuff that utterly flies in the face of any information available (like that one race is way better than another, that one group of people has the right to annihilate or enslave another, etc.). People may be utterly absolutely positive about their beliefs, may be sure that their beliefs are FACTS CARVED IN STONE - no matter what the facts actually are.

Those clearly are not the kind of ideas I value. I value ideas that come from facts, are backed by facts, explore facts, try to make sense of facts, of reality, of experience, of life.

Making sense of the world, or anyway trying to - that's a hard one.

That's the kind of thinking I like - in part because it is my belief (based on what I know of history) that each piece of extra sense may be able to help us do positive things - just as experiments let us know that certain medicines are more effective than others. Believing something isn't good enough. Guessing isn't good enough. A hunch, intuition - that may be based on something we have information for but can't quite put into words. Or it may be totally wrong - it may be based on a fear or prejudice or misperception.

So, anyway, ideas. I care about those. And I care about cooking all kinds of information together to make for really juicy interesting ideas. Available at The Idea Emporium. An idea is often an image of something - and images like ideas have much power.

And for now, that's it for me.

But that leave out something important. The site isn't meant just for me.



There's a big world out there - so many people. And this site is for more than me. It's for other people's creative works and creative thinking. And for those interesting in this creativity.

Already Zee's Cafe Cafe, in both the first 2 samples I created, has place for the work of others. Much more space for others is planned. Well-organized space. Well-labeled. So people browsing can find what is there, what they're most interested in.



I asked those questions long ago. And I have not done all this alone. I have had help - I think of Karen Wilson, Mark Corwin, Diana Fajrasjl, Eva von Gencsy, Philippe Guerin, Julie Guerin, Robert NIckford, Cindy Blackburn, Bluma Blicher, Isabelle Girard, Ed Deigan, Sharon Schmerer, Erika Erikkson, Yves Gigon, Gerda Schieder, Minda Bernstein, Andrew Homzy, Dael Foster, Deborah Carruthers. And there have been past partners who encouraged me.

Some people came into my life briefly, and some stayed. Finding people has been hard for me. I am grateful for all I did get and continue to get from people.

I come back to - I have not done it alone. Perhaps most of all, I think of my father, so creative himself, and supportive of all my creativity. He loved reading. He shared my love of stories and comic books and heroes we could identify with. He also shared - and perhaps passed to me - the difficulty of finding a way for his creative works to reach out into the world. Anyway, my father, my self. So many gifts and passions. So many hopes. I am seeing my father now, leaning forward, his eyes bright and hopeful - a four-year-old's eyes, I always thought. His back is curved. He is older - like he was in his last years. He is wearing slippers. For me, he is still alive.

I know that, compared to my father, I have had so much more that helped me. First of all, I had a father who supported me. Then I had an ongoing education that enriched my thinking; a society where women have been increasingly given the chance to take our place fully; also a society where one can go into and out of education throughout one's life, so that I took years between degrees; and then personal growth movements (therapy, psychoanalysis, adult children of alcoholics, yoga, meditation, journal writing) that have helped me get past fears I had no idea I had, made me realize I was much more imperfect that I could have imagined, and also led to the hard realization that deep change is very difficult, a lifelong journey. I am grateful for the time I have had to get this far, and hope to have much more - to get out my work, my father's, and so many other peoples.

Also there are so many other dreams - like to do workshops to encourage the creativity and fuller living of others. I would like to do this because I see that one of the tragedies of the present-day, is not just the misery in parts of the world, but the ways that caring people who have so many opportunities (people like me, in other words) so often live without blossoming fully.

My big hope. That I am actually in the process of helping myself, and you as well. Having fun and giving pleasure. Having ideas and stimulating you. Giving space for my creativity and yours.

Anyway, for now ...

Welcome aboard.






All of me

including my early childhood self, Dely,
who took the name Elsa

and now also
of Elsas word story image idea music emporium
plus Elsas creativity blog

JUNE 4, 2006

copyright © Elsa Schieder 2006, 2009, all rights reserved
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Date written: August 8, 2005.
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Making Dreams Come True.
Finally I make my creative dreams,
dreams of reaching people,
come true by website building.
So much struggle.
Now I make a dream come true.


Elsa's Creativity Blog
Writer blogs, poetry blogs, musical blogs.
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Steps, stages, successes, failures.
Creativity. Not easy to find a home for it.


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On making dreams come true

easy to say, make your dreams come true
not easy to do, making dreams come true

easy to fail, easy to rail, easy to quail
not easy to do, making dreams come true


easy to say, web site building is the way
right, very easy to say

try site building, try building sites
try getting traffic, getting it right

yet it's all for making your dreams come true
or all is blue blue blue, the bluest bluest blue

don't make your dreams come true
and you'll rue rue rue


making my dreams come true
eats my days and my life
give me joy, gives me life

making dreams come true
not easy to do


website building, easy to say
building sites, child's play

that's a dream, an illusion
not a dream to make real

easy to say, make your dreams come true
easy to dream, dream of making dreams come true

not easy to do

Elsa Schieder
June 18, 2009
copyright © Elsa Schieder, 2009, all rights reserved


Making Dreams Come True.
Finally I make my creative dreams,
dreams of reaching people,
come true by website building.
So much struggle.
Now I make a dream come true.




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