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the power and perils
of an active imagination
Dec 08   ALL

Shamed Half to Death
from a wall of shame
to letting go of shame
Jan 08   START   ALL

What Do We
Really Want, Need?

Sad Blank Faces
Wants vs Needs
Self Satisfaction
The Words Say It All
July 07, Dec 08  

On Caring
a few ingredients -
I Care ...
The Need to be Seen

Good Priorities
Oct/Nov 06

When Anger
Comes at Us

facing it (or not)
Feb/Sept 06   START   ALL

Keeping the
Love Light Burning

love fire is harder
to keep lit than
burning rage
Feb/Sept 06   START   ALL

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about Dr Zee
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Dr Zees LoveLine
inner self

More on
the LoveLine

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Love Problems
sinking relationships,
no one-step solutions
Oct 07  ALL


Until you make the
unconscious conscious,
it will direct your life
and you will call it fate.

Carl Jung

Know yourself - or you
can't be true to anyone.


If you bring forth
what is within you,
what is within you
will save you.
If you do not bring
forth what is within
you, what is within
you will destroy you.

from the gospel of
Thomas (part of the
gnostic gospels)


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dr zee - loveline
Dr Zees LoveLine
What To Do About Anger. Good Caring. Active Imagination.
Rekindle Relationship. Happy Love Relationships.
In love you could shine like a brilliant star.


The one and only time I got the fortune cookie -
"in love you could shine like a brilliant star" - the words burned into me.

I had not loved like a brilliant star. Loving didn't come easily to me. Still doesn't.
Thinking comes easily. But loving. No. Hard to reach out.
And also hard to feel strong intense flowing love.

And yet the words burned in me.
Something in me went, yes, I could do that.
I knew that somewhere I had it in me to do that.

It's been years. I'm still not an expert on loving. But I still like that fortune cookie.
And loving and also grieving have changed my life, over and over.

So what is Dr Zee's loveline about, if not inspired words from an expert on love?

It's explorations of inner self stuff that matters to me -
on love, on what to do about anger, on how important imagination is,
on how to make a relationship work, love relationship basics, solving relationship problems,
relationship difficulty, figuring out a receipe for a healthy relationship,
how to create happy love relationships.


But I'm no expert -
no Dr Phil, no Oprah, no Ann Landers, no Dear Abby


I'm someone on her own journey -
and part of huge worldwide changes.

The world over, something's happening in the area of personal development,
personal growth, self-exploration, self-awareness, self-knowledge.
It's as big as anything that's happening with technology.

Through exploration, experience, observation, analysis -
we're learning how to make things better between people, time after time.


My starting point:
this is an area where I'll never stop learning.

Lifelong learning on inner self stuff -
the heart of the LoveLine


I heard of a study done on a group of nuns.

The finding:
those with the greatest flexibility of thought when young
were the most mentally awake as old women;

those with narrower thought patterns, narrower interests,
narrower ways of speaking were the most likely to be senile.

I know it isn't that simple.
Brilliant people - novelists, filmmakers, researchers -
have been struck by Alzheimer's
and every other form of age-related mental disability.

But the study gave me hope - because I want to be able to continue,
in my mind, in my life, in everything, to keep exploring.

And there is very little I find more interesting than love.
Love - something we need to flourish.


So this is Dr Zee, exploring.
And perhaps you're on your own exploration.

Dr Zee

December 13, 2008

copyright © Elsa Schieder 2008, 2011, all rights reserved


your comments, questions, ideas, experiences

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This is, by the way, my fourth attempt to descrive what the LoveLine is about -
partly because what it's about has changed. I started with moreof an idea that
I might be a mini advice-giver.

But that, I realize, is not my role. There are so many other people for that.
Plus I'm only one person - I can't stretch that far, not with all the other parts of my life.

So I've moved to something smaller, something that fits better.
My thoughts on inner self stuff -
and maybe you'd like to add yours.

For the earlier versions of my vision of the LoveLine, click here.


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good caring * love relationship problem * resolving relationship conflict *
narcissism self-involvement blindness * shells * spells * jealousy * healthy priorities *
happy love relationships * relationship problem help *
caring empathy passion intensity compassion * self-expression self-knowledge *
blocks * walls * stalls * fear * fear as weapon * human possibilities and limitations *
hurting others * loss grief sorrow * elevation * admiration * elation * loving longing lusting *
happy love relationships * love relationship problem * relationship problem help *
connections interconnections * terror dread horror anguish *
perception misperception misconceptions lying deceiving self-deception denial *
recognition joy welcome warmth * craziness * crazy thinking * connections to social issues
like prejudice, fundamentalism, terrorism, genocide, peace *

dr zees love line-600

Dr Zees LoveLine -
"In love you could shine like a brilliant star."
Message from a fortune cookie.

How do we get the love and good living we know,
deep inside ourselves, is possible?
Explorations, questions, experiences
from on the way to the love life
we've always known is possible.

dr zees love line-600


inner self stuff


dr zees love line-600


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