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the power and perils
of an active imagination
Dec 08   ALL

Shamed Half to Death
from a wall of shame
to letting go of shame
Jan 08   START   ALL

What Do We
Really Want, Need?

Sad Blank Faces
Wants vs Needs
Self Satisfaction
The Words Say It All
July 07, Dec 08  

On Caring
a few ingredients -
I Care ...
The Need to be Seen

Good Priorities
Oct/Nov 06

When Anger
Comes at Us

facing it (or not)
Feb/Sept 06   START   ALL

Keeping the
Love Light Burning

love fire is harder
to keep lit than
burning rage
Feb/Sept 06   START   ALL

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about Dr Zee
Dr Zee is ...

Dr Zees LoveLine
inner self

More on
the LoveLine

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Love Problems
sinking relationships,
no one-step solutions
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Until you make the
unconscious conscious,
it will direct your life
and you will call it fate.

Carl Jung

Know yourself - or you
can't be true to anyone.


If you bring forth
what is within you,
what is within you
will save you.
If you do not bring
forth what is within
you, what is within
you will destroy you.

from the gospel of
Thomas (part of the
gnostic gospels)


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Who is Dr Zee?               



dr zee - loveline, love, hate, relationships, figment of the imagination

Who is Dr Zee? Well, one answer is that I'm a figment of Elsa's imagination.
But that's not telling anything. It's like saying Tinkerbell is a fairy. What then?

Plus, so what if I'm a figment? Characters in novels are figments -
and one may know more about them than a lot of the people in our lives.
In fact, I think one of the reasons I loved reading as a child was because
of all the people I got a chance to know and be close to.

So who is this Dr Zee?

She's safe - trustworthy. She cares. She thinks a lot, feels a lot,
wonders and figures things out a lot.

She's nicer than Elsa, more patient, more knowing. And she's there all the time, any time -
while Elsa goes off to the Idea Emporium, Zee's Cafe Cafe, Caro's Quest,
the creativity blog, and dozens of other projects.

Background? She split off from Elsa a long time ago - she's one of those alternate selves.
Elsa almost became Dr Zee, but in the end continued where she was already heading -
into college and university teaching, and then back to her childhood quests -
creativity and performance.

Dr Zee always stayed around, after she came into being - and then finally got a name
about a year ago, a name and a planned home of her own. It fits that it's a virtual home,
as she is a real but virtual self. She's happy to have the space she has. It suits her.

In thinking up Dr Zee's LoveLine, Elsa thought up a nice visible space to the Dr Zee
part of herself.
But Dr Zee actually has had space for a long time,
but without a name of her own. For years one of Elsa's classes - part of Elsa's everyday life -
has been Knowing the Inner Self. That's been my space, Dr Zee's space.

So, Elsa. Elsa thinks and writes about a lot of things. She does web stuff, writes songs,
writes idea pieces, writes Caro's Quest, performs.

Dr Zee keeps to the stuff that goes on inside people and between people.

So who is Dr Zee? One way of looking at me is as a self that almost made it into
this world, as Elsa's main self, but instead is part of everything in Elsa's life,
and now has a home of her own.

Another question - because you may have noticed there is a Zee's Cafe Cafe, and a Zee.
How does Dr Zee relate to Zee?

Zee is another alter ego, the one who went out into the performance world, finally setting up a cafe for all kinds of performance people, including herself. Zee is Elsa going back to some of her deepest roots - performance and writing and art, the first things Elsa wanted to do with her life. It was in 1999 that Zee came to be, as the everywoman who runs Zee's (virtual) Cafe Cafe, where she herself performs and where she's made a home for lots of other alternative musicians, spoken word people, folk rap dreamweavers.

So much work was done. Two samples of Zee's Cafe Cafe were created, first mainly alone, then with considerable support. But it's a big project. Elsa needed more support and also (since there's been no funding) more knowledge to do much of the design work on her own. Finally, when too many other things happened, the cafe had to be put aside. But it was never discarded. The dream never died. It's been waiting, so much ready to go, so much more almost ready to go. And now, finally, it's slated to be on the web January 7, 2007, a big part of Elsa's Creativity Emporium.

As for me, though I got my name much later in Elsa's life, I am getting my space earlier.

I have to thank Zee for a lot - including my name. Most, without Zee there might never have been the idea for a web project. As for my name, part comes from Zee and part from Elsa. She's entitled to call herself Dr, but doesn't - though some of her students call her Doc. So there was her Dr title, just floating around unused, ready to be put to use. For now, it's mine.

Anything else?

The picture?

It's Elsa's sister's favorite picture of Elsa


Dr Zee
September 30, 2006

And one comment from Elsa:

Dr Zee can't take on answering lots of individual problems.
Like Dr Zee of the Idea Emporium, she explores problems and
considers ways to deal with them.
But she's no Dr Phil or Oprah, no Virginaia Satir.
She's one person, ready to point to other resources.

But maybe her explorations are also yours.
And maybe what she comes up with is helpful to you.

She's also planning, for early 2009, to have a weekly space on
Zee's Cafe Cafe, a virtual cafe which I'm setting up,
wth something different every virtual night.

If you'd like to be sure to know when it's on,
subscribe to the free updates.

December 16 , 2008

copyright © Elsa Schieder, 2006, 2008 - all rights reverved
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dr zees loveline - love hate anger relationships

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dr zees love line-600

Dr Zees LoveLine
"In love you could shine like a brilliant star."
Fortune Cookie

Dr Zee for Love Problem, Love Relationship Problem,
Anger Problem, Toxic Shame, Over Active Imagination,
Relationship Problem Advice. But Who Is Dr Zee?

Dr Zee: a figment of the imagination, an alter ego, her own self.
Dr Zees LoveLine explores: who is Dr Zee? Safe, trustworthy, caring,
knowing, exploring. Cares to know about people and good loving.

dr zees love line-600

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shells * spells * jealousy *

dr zees love line-600


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