Dr Zees Loveline explores Self Satisfaction, Wants Versus Needs, How To Deal With Anger, Love Relationship Problem,
Toxic Shame, Self Motivation. Is Love All You Need?





the power and perils
of an active imagination
Dec 08   ALL

Shamed Half to Death
from a wall of shame
to letting go of shame
Jan 08   START   ALL

What Do We
Really Want, Need?

Sad Blank Faces
Wants vs Needs
Self Satisfaction
The Words Say It All
July 07, Dec 08  

On Caring
a few ingredients -
I Care ...
The Need to be Seen

Good Priorities
Oct/Nov 06

When Anger
Comes at Us

facing it (or not)
Feb/Sept 06   START   ALL

Keeping the
Love Light Burning

love fire is harder
to keep lit than
burning rage
Feb/Sept 06   START   ALL

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about Dr Zee
Dr Zee is ...

Dr Zees LoveLine
inner self

More on
the LoveLine

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Love Problems
sinking relationships,
no one-step solutions
Oct 07  ALL


Until you make the
unconscious conscious,
it will direct your life
and you will call it fate.

Carl Jung

Know yourself - or you
can't be true to anyone.


If you bring forth
what is within you,
what is within you
will save you.
If you do not bring
forth what is within
you, what is within
you will destroy you.

from the gospel of
Thomas (part of the
gnostic gospels)


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Dr Zees LoveLine           



dr zee - loveline

"In love you could shine like a brilliant star."

Dr Zees Loveline
explores Self Satisfaction, Wants Versus Needs,
How To Deal With Anger, Love Relationship Problem, Toxic Shame,
Self Motivation. Is Love All You Need?

Message from a fortune cookie.
In love you could shine like a brilliant star.
Dr Zees LoveLine explores: how to get good loving,
how to do good caring, how to have less anger and more love?

Dr Zees LoveLine

Dr Zees LoveLine - maybe a lifeline, a hopeline.
Dr Zees LoveLine - maybe a lifeboat, a raft, a lifebuoy when the going is a bit rough.
Dr Zees LoveLine - we all can use a helping hand sometime, and just maybe
Dr Zees LoveLine can give a helping hand, rather than a kick in the pants -
though sometimes a good swift kick in the pants can also be useful
if we're not doing our best, not trying over and over.

But back to Dr Zees LoveLine -
"in love you could shine like a brilliant star" -
well, maybe you could and maybe you couldn't,
but most, there are no guarantees here, no promises,
just suggestions at best.

Dr Zees LoveLine - not even a love emporium -
easier to get ideas through to people, for me at least,
than to get more love going.

Dr Zees LoveLine - a try to get more warmth, compassion, loving feeling going.
"We've lost that loving feeling," goes one song.
Too bad when that happens.

How to get more loving feeling, good loving feeling not with angry hate stripes running through it,
or so much fear that it hardly gets out, fear of seeming foolish, fear of reaching out -
big questions.

Dr Zees LoveLine - maybe love isn't all you need, but love is a good part of it.

Dr Zees LoveLine - maybe there's something in it for you.
My big hope - that there's something in it for me.

So much of my life I have longed for more love, most of all for more loving feeling in me,
for things like falling in love, heart melting open wide, heart breaking open wide -
not easy for many of us -
not easy for my mother, abandoned by her mother,
not easy for her mother, who lost her own mother to death at seven months,
not easy for me, though I have felt it,
and have felt loss,
and have always felt -
the love was worth it.

Love, such an amazing feeling.

Dr Zees LoveLine -

recipes for that loving feeling -
but no promises, no guarantees.

Dr Zees LoveLine - part of my own life line.


Dr Zee
September 30, 2006

copyright © Elsa Schieder 2006, 2011
publishing house - FlufferDuff Impressions 2006, 2011


comments, questions, experiences, more ideas


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love liking longing aching wanting desiring having holding caring *
hate anger rage outrage disgust * disconnection boredom *
relationships relating * narcissism self-involvement blindness *
elevation * admiration * elation *
connections interconnections *
connections to social issues
like prejudice, fundamentalism, terrorism, genocide, peace *

dr zees love line-600


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