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So here I am,
looking out, wondering.
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How to do this?

A big question - how to do this?elsa - word, story, image idea music person
I know it can be done, but

I can do this,elsa - word, story, image idea music person
but it takes a lot of doing.

It's easiest in the morning. elsa - word, story, image idea music person
Everything seems possible then.


What do you see when
you see me, I wonder.elsa - word, story, image idea music person
I keep trying. I'm not sure
what will happen. But over
and over again, I keep
trying - because something
in me doesn't give up, not
forever anyway.


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Elsa asks,
in this creativity blog,
why is life so boring?

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Elsa wonders:
do other people really life
everyday life?

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Elsa finds life is so boring
when creative passion
is missing.
Creative creativity - great.
Creativity is life.

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Is life boring?
No, not life -
just a boring life is boring

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On being bored enough to scream by everyday pleasures,
but loving creativity. Having fun is no fun.
Writing, reading, performing, creating, thinking – pleasure.
Creativity Blog on Creative Passion, the Love of Creativity.
Creativity Is Life vs Everyday Life is Boring.

JUNE 11, 2006

ongoing stuff

like the boringness - for me - of what lots of other people find fun, or anyway seem to find fun

"having fun" - chitchatting, this and that, having a long meal, savoring everyday things - most of the time I am bored out of my tree

even when the food tastes great, when the flavor is just right

as for talking about meals one has had - I can remember taking part in lots of conversations about that - and every now and then it's okay

but most of the time I would rather walk away

maybe I am going on about the boringness of everyday life because I have been spending a lot of time with Francoise, Philippe's mother, who is kind and caring and loving - but talks an enormous amount and also focuses a lot on food

but that isn't the only reason

all my life - all my adult life anyway - I have spent a lot of time trying to get away from the boringness of the way everyday life is usually lived

I endure that life when I have to

I do not enjoy it


what do I enjoy?

I am sitting under trees in a quiet spot. no one is talking. no one else is around. I am not bored.

I could sit here for ages and not be bored. I feel the breeze. I feel myself relax. I feel my crabbiness lift.

that's something I didn't even think of mentioning - my crabbiness. I have been in a lousy mood a lot this past while - always on edge, ready to turn sour.

no water in my well - nothing to draw on.


people often ask me, when I tell them of days alone at the country, "how do you manage? aren't you lonely?"

sometimes I do get lonely, long for closeness - but often it feels good to be alone


where am I heading? creativity does not feel boring to me - writing, drawing, rehearsing, going over creative stuff

but alone, I do get stuck - especially when I am trying to edit something, to decide which way something should go

then I need someone else

but not someone to chitchat with, someone who intrudes with everyday chatter

I need someone with the capacity to see my stuff, to see it often better than me - or with fresh eyes, anyway

a little bit of good input, and I'm off, ready to go on on my own


Philippe is good with that - and getting even better - because he used to care that his suggestions were taken - and now he knows I care very much to get his input, but that it may and it may also not work for me - but that however things go, I value his input


all of a sudden Francoise flashes into my mind, chattering and chattering away - saying deep stuff about herself sometimes, going off somewhere else, saying other stuff, usually stuff she's said before, running off somewhere else - but in general not paying attention to what is going on in me

and perhaps worst - I don't have any sense that my being there changes things in her, that she gets much from me


I have worked very well around her this past week. I have focused on this site, on page after page, on picture after picture, then revising page after page, trying to figure out the way the pages should look

but I have been at the edge of crabbiness - and that makes me very aware of my lifelong recoil from boredom, from things I find painfully boring


how does that relate to creativity? - my sense is that the boring is the enemy of the creative, that enduring boringness suffocates creativity (mine, anyway)

I have been taught not to be rude - and there are all kinds of times when I find it hard to cut off when I find a contact deadeningly boring - especially as I fear hurting people

a bit strange actually, to fear so much hurting people - to have the sense that they are very delicate

and I wonder now - are you (whoever you are, reading this) wondering if we could find each other interesting? or are you thinking of all the times you have been painfully bored? or did you recoil in dread, sure that you would be found boring if we met?


there are many people I enjoy being with, by the way.

As always, welcome into my world.

creating, connecting, exchanging -
or anyway, trying to

JUNE 11, 2006

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life is so boring
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my life is so boring

why is life boring?
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why life is boring,
it's good to ask:
is life boring?

why life is so boring
is when fire is missing,
creative passions
or at least some creative passion

with a creative spark
my boring life becomes
I love creativity, I love life
creativity is life

elsas creativity blog
      is not a lump on a log
            a yawn, a moan and groan about life is so boring blog

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October 25, 2009
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