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So here I am,
looking out, wondering.
elsa - word, story, image idea music person
How to do this?

A big question - how to do this?elsa - word, story, image idea music person
I know it can be done, but

I can do this,elsa - word, story, image idea music person
but it takes a lot of doing.

It's easiest in the morning. elsa - word, story, image idea music person
Everything seems possible then.


What do you see when
you see me, I wonder.elsa - word, story, image idea music person
I keep trying. I'm not sure
what will happen. But over
and over again, I keep
trying - because something
in me doesn't give up, not
forever anyway.


Elsa's Blogs
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elsa - word, story, image idea music person

elsa - word, story, image idea music person

elsa - word, story, image idea music person

elsa - word, story, image idea music person

elsa - word, story, image idea music person


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A down day. A dull day. A nothing feels right day.
I need to get through to another day.
Even when down, I know there's hope. Can't feel it. How to act hopeful?
Personal Growth Blog. Self Development Blog. Creativity Blog.



Maybe it's just that I didn't get enough sleep last night. Maybe it's that I've put off taking a bath until now, evening. Whatever it is, today isn't a great day inside me.

So much further I want to reach - and today everything feels out of reach. I've tried hard enough and more than hard enough, the inside voices go.

At other times, I go on and on even when I'm not getting far.

And I do recognize that it's only a bit over a year since this site started being up on the web.

But today things just don't feel right.

One of the cats - Petit Chat, Little Cat - who is blind and hearing impaired, isn't doing that well. It has nothing to do with her lack of sight and limited hearing. She may have eaten an aspirin Friday morning, so spent the day at the vet's, being made to vomit and stuff like that because aspirin is toxic for cats and dogs (I was with her much of the time). Anyway, she is feeling worse today, Sunday, than she was when I brought her home Friday - most likely because she has a very sore esophagus and stomach from all she was forced to ingest to make her vomit.

But that isn't it - that's just one part of it.

I need my stuff to be out in the world much more than it is.

Diana - so good meeting up with her this week. Editor. And general good fairy.

My hope: meeting with her regularly will take a load off me, will help me in my quest to reach much more of the world.

Wrote something a bit earlier - from the sense, so common and yet often so far away, that it's all a bit much.

I know, at the same time, that tomorrow is another day, and much more can happen, and also muc more will feel possible on the inside.

I think of teenagers - committing suicide more than ever before. The most recent stats: up 21% from the previous statistics. I think: teenagers don't have the experience to know that the downtime is just a phase, just a mood - and that energy, joy, delight will come again, given time and a bit of effort.

So I am living this day of despair, but it isn't true despair, because I know the mood will pass, the moment will give way to another. I will go to sleep and wake up, most likely, with more energy, more belief that I will be able to reach at least part of what I need to reach to come to any kind of fulfillment.


As always, welcome into my world.


creating, connecting, exchanging -
or anyway, trying to


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Elsas Personal Growth Blog,
Self development Blog,
Creativity Blog.
Bad day. Down day. Nothing feels right.
How to get through? How to act on hope on a bad day?

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Elsa's Creativity Blog
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Creativity. Not easy to find a home for it.


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For those of you wondering, just what is Elsa's personal growth blog,
self development blog, creativity blog, all about?

elsas self development blog, personal growth blog, creativity blog
is not all self development, personal growth, hallelujah

so what is elsas personal growth blog
when on a down day it's down beat
when on another day it's offbeat
when it goes by its own beat

elsas personal growth blog, self development blog, creativity blog
is not guidelines, blueprints or rules
is not lessons I've learned, wisdom in five easy steps

I trip too often

so no five easy steps to personal growth
no six secret recipes to self development

elsas personal growth blog, self development blog, creativity blog
is elsa in the making
          of creativity, of herself, of whatever

rules are made to be broken

life is made to be lived

elsas personal growth blog
is me, I hope, personally growing
personally showing how I grow and don't grow
know and don't know

but keep trying
and something succeeding

but always needing
so far at least

I've come far

I've got a long way to go

elsas personal growth blog

elsa growing, going, hoping, doing

that's elsas personal growth blog

                         self development blog
personal growth blog

                   writer blogs

             personal growth blog

creativity blog

August 5 , 2008
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