Poems about Life, Life Poetry. But what concept of life and self? Western self: true self, finding yourself? Or Buddhist beliefs, Buddhist teachings: self fragments?
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exploration of
poems about life,
life poetry,
moments of being -
just what is
a moment of being?


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So here I am,
looking out, wondering.
elsa - word, story, image idea music person
How to do this?

A big question - how to do this?elsa - word, story, image idea music person
I know it can be done, but

I can do this,elsa - word, story, image idea music person
but it takes a lot of doing.

It's easiest in the morning. elsa - word, story, image idea music person
Everything seems possible then.


What do you see when
you see me, I wonder.elsa - word, story, image idea music person
I keep trying. I'm not sure
what will happen. But over
and over again, I keep
trying - because something
in me doesn't give up, not
forever anyway.


Elsa's Blogs
Aug 05-July 09



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elsa - word, story, image idea music person

wondering about life,
life poems -
and about the self

elsa - word, story, image idea music person

is there a true self?
if so, how to find the self?

elsa - word, story, image idea music person

life poetry -
poems about life -
what do they offer
the reader?
and is the reader
just a heap of fragments?

elsa - word, story, image idea music person

okay, poems about life -
what is life anyway?

elsa - word, story, image idea music person

poems about life?
life poetry?
lots of questions


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My poems often aim to capture a moment in words.
So they could be called poems about life, life poetry.
Reading about Buddhist teachings of the self brought me to the question:
are these life poems closer to Buddhist teachings, Buddhist beliefs
about the self, rather than Western views of the true self?

bring up questions about life and self:
Western self knowledge versus Buddhist teachings, Buddhist beliefs

When I write, I just write. I don't try to express some world view or another. I just follow the trail of the words coming from within me.

But now I'm thinking about these word pieces, these poems about life, each about a moment of being.

There's something I read the other day that caught my attention: about a huge difference between the Western understanding of self knowledge versus Buddhism teachings, Buddhist beliefs.

Western self knowledge, self expression: there is a self enduring over time, undergoing developments but with an underlying continuity of being. Some call this the true self. Self understanding means gaining ever more self awareness. So if one writes about moments of being, life moments, these moments are understood to be part of a larger continuity of being.

On the other hand, according to Buddhist teachings, Buddhist beliefs (as I read about them rather briefly), one is to gain, through meditation, glimpses of oneself, fragments of disconnected being. One is just to experience these glimpses into oneself, and not connect them into a whole.

Why bring this up? My life poems each express a glimpse, a moment of being. Is it a Western moment? Or is it a disconnected fragment?

For each individual life poem, it's a moot point. It doesn't matter.

But deep down, I've gone for the Western self concept. Over and over, I've taken word pieces and linked them together - stopped them from being just disconnected fragments, individual moments of being, made them part of a larger whole - part of a story.

I haven't wanted to tell a story in the traditional way. She said... He said ... They said ... They did ... He went ... Next what happened was ...

Still by linking the pieces, these moments of being, a story has naturally come into being.

I'm part of a long tradition in this - story telling is part of being human. We naturally link moments, ask ourselves, What happens next?

One could say that by linking the pieces, I've found my own way of telling a story.

As always, welcome into my world.



JUNE 6, 2006

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JUNE 10, 2009

It's now just over 3 years later. And I still stand between the 2 waters -between the Buddhist teachings (according to my reading) of fragmented moments of being - and the Western self concept of a continuity of being.

None of the individual pieces go against the Buddhist wisdom (such as I know it).

What about the Western concept of self knowledge, self expression of a true self, true nature? The catch words go through my mind: expressing yourself is the key; be true to yourself, be true to the self, find the self, find your self, express yourself.It's a tradition I know very well.

I do experience a continuity of being - with so many changes that often I can't recognize a previous self. On the other hand, moments of life, moments of being, life moments - for me this is where life resides, not in a blurry continuity.


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Poems about Life, Life Poetry.
But what concept of life and self?
Western self:
true self, finding yourself?
Or Buddhist beliefs, Buddhist teachings:
self fragments?



Elsa's Creativity Blog
Writer blogs, poetry blogs, musical blogs.
How do I get my works out into the world?
Steps, stages, successes, failures.
Creativity. Not easy to find a home for it.


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Poems about Life

a tall order
poems about life, life poetry

or a very small order
poems about life, life poetry

it all depends on the life, the moments of being

writer and reader
it depends on a lot

it depends on concepts of life

Western teachings, Western precepts
Western wisdom
in poetry on life

Buddhist teachings, Buddhist beliefs
Buddhist wisdom
in poems on life, about life, moments of being

take your pick
or don't pick
moments of being
life poems, life poetry

June 15, 2009
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